Gaylan DuBose and Other Forms of Extraordinary Bling

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Salvete, omnes!

This is cette_vie here, grandstanding as the moderator and founder of this community. My name is Connie, my Commonwealth is Massachusetts, and I am proud to serve as its state president this year. This community was created in May of 2002, right before the NJCL convention at University of Kentucky in 2002, hence the name, "njcl02."

This community serves as a meeting forum for LiveJournal users who are also fortunate enough to be part of the National Junior Classical League, an organization dedicated to encouraging competition, fostering brotherhood... and the whole shebang. Anyone who is affiliated with NJCL in any way or is merely curious about our organization is welcome in njcl02.

When you join this community...

... please feel free to make an introductory post including as much of the below as applies to you: who you are, what level of Latin/Greek you are entering/currently taking, what grade you are in, what school and state delegation you are a part of, and what your favorite moment was from the past year of JCL you have participated in. Everyone is encouraged to contact other JCL'ers on AIM/ LJ/ what have you to engage in JCL-related discourse, including but not restricted to the past NJCL convention which took place at the University of Missouri at Columbia from August 1st-6th, 2005, and you are most certainly welcome to bother our Executive Board this year, a slate-full of seniors of whom there are multiple on LiveJournal!

Now, a few questions to ponder while you're discovering the mysteries of njcl02...

- Who is this Gaylan DuBose guy and where can I get his extraordinary bling?
- Which of the Executive Board members is available?
- Is there a recipe book online for cooking Mizzou campus bunnies?
- Will Indiana'06 help me Discover my Responsibility and Respect for Excellence in Laws and... Lathrop? (Okay, that was a stretch, I know.)
- How do you measure a year? In day lights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of coffee? In pictures? In miles? In laughter, in strife?
- Where did the sentence "Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore," come from? (Creative and tenacious Googling will help. The winner to name all three requirements: author, source, and section of origin in the source will get an mp3 of "Seasons of Love". I know, I know. You can find it anywhere.)

Anyways - go forth, post, IM, comment, post some more and spread in all manners possible the holy gospel of JCL! After all, this selfsame community was created to better facilitate the flow of ideas among obsessive JCL freaks... not unlike you or me. Finally, a wise word from our sponsors...

Aurelia, cui urbs placuit, in Aegypto cum familia ingenti erat. Tredecim ludos magnos Iovis visitare coeperunt. Deinde, equus domum recurrit. Eheu!

(We will never put the new one up. It pales in comparison.)

And remember, all... Navigemus!

Sine cera,
Connie (MA)
cette_vie: AIM, aurelia cui urbs, e-mail: greendolphinstreet [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post scriptum: our older counterparts would do well to visit the nscl, which is like ourselves! Only older! The National Senior Classical League goes and slaves and has fun at our expense... I hear they only get 12 hours of sleep at nationals (for the whole week) so go and show your appreciation/ badger them for Sterling Darling's home number.
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