Feel kinda silly asking

Okay, random and not exactly timely, but...
Does anyone know what's up with the Massachusetts kid who was running around convention taking pictures of people who (he thought) looked like Jesus? He mentioned there would be a website... just curious... wacky kid (:


Is anyone else right now suffering from some serious Nationals withdrawals?

I certainly am! I don't believe I can wait another year!
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I'm surprised and confused that I'm the first one to do this, but here goes:
I miss nationals. Three years ago (Virginia), I was scared and uncertain about the prospect of a week long convention. Two years ago (Missou), I was the girl who fell in front of testing the first day and spent the rest of the week in a wheelchair (and who won the community service award). And this last year, I was the captain of the cape-wearing Upper Certamen team from Wisconsin.
So. What's you all's favorite convention moment? Obviously each convention has a highlight a day, but if you had to choose just one moment where everything seemed right and you thought, "This is what the JCL is all about. This is why I pay good money to walk around a hot campus and have a (ridiculously early) bedtime. This is it."
For me, there are two: This year, at the last G.A, my scrapbook took 4th place. By the time they hit about 6th place I gave up on winning, so hearing "Wisconsin" was so thrilling. And the other was that downpour in Virginia right before the certamen matches.

Hello all!

Wow, I've been on livejournal for years now and I just stumbled upon this. I'm Heather and I'm an SCLer if you went to Nationals last year, I MCed with two other guys in That's Entertainment. Just saying hi and can't wait to see you guys at Nationals in Indianaaaa! :)

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Hey! I am doing a persuasive speech on why people should take latin for my college class.
If anyone would like to help me out by letting me quote you as a "personal interview" please leaving me a comment saying your views on latin, why it is awesome, why people should take it, etc. Of course, I am going to be plugging in NJCL and how it is magnificant so go ahead and incorporate it into your responses if you want. Also we are allowed only one visual aid that is suppose to entice some sort of emotion. So if anyone has some awesome and fun NJCL pictures I would appreciate any help. Thanks so much in advance for the help!
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Hey, folks! I'm a delegate from Wyoming, this'll be my second convention, and I've got an important question.

(oooweeeooooweeooo, theremin music; possibly the Doctor Who theme)

Is it possible to room with a delegate from another state? I ask because my friend from Kansas put me down for a roommate request back when we got the forms, and I did the same. I recall one of my friends telling me about how she roomed with a Colorado girl, one year, so of course I'm curious as to if our request will be filled.

Anyway, looking forward to zany antics and those oh-so-exciting general assemblies. Toodle-pip, and thank you in advance.
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what do you think?

Hey all, I'm Claire, a Latin IV from Wisconsin. I've been to two Nationals and am seriously hyped for #3 in Indiana. (Upper level certamen, watch out! ^.^) Glad to have found this community, it looks excellent, and I look forward to getting to know y'all better.

Anyway, I just got back from my state JCL convention, and I'd like to hear other people's opinions on something... do you think it's accurate to call Vergil the author of Catalepton? This came up in certamen (in the form of Q. Who wrote Catalepton? A. Vergil) and... I didn't register a protest but I think I should have. The work is traditionally attributed to him, but my sources (Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Lit and Conte's Latin Literature: A History) say it's of extremely dubious authenticity; Oxford says of the fourteen epigrams in Catalepton "perhaps a few are authentic".

Badly worded question, do you think? I'm sure it was "who was the author" and not "who was it attributed to" because I had been reading about how Vergil probably did not actually write it, and couldn't say who had.

Or am I overthinking it? We don't know who actually wrote it if Vergil didn't. And it's often attributed to him. It's at least "Vergilian".

I have the mind of a certamen player, and I'm in nitpick mode. (: Looking for justification.

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